Other projects that I am currently developing or have already completed.


This is my first ever webpage that I coded myself. As I have said in my "About" section, the idea of creating a message decoder webpage was from my dad, who sent me an email with a html file attached. The code that he had written took the inputted string and reversed it (e.g "Hello" would become "olleH". I took his code and changed it, with the help of a few Youtube videos and the W3 Schools website. Using JavaScript, which I was more familiar with at the time as it was similar to coding that I had done for Minecraft Server Plugins, I compare two strings, one the alphabet and the other a random string of letters and replace each letter from the input with another. If you would like I could attach the code that is used, just contact me via the contact page. I then styled the page with css and Voila... My first webpage!


I created this webpage to try and start a learning experience with PHP. It wasn't extremely difficult, but my version is quite simple. There is only one username/password combination, which is Username: knockknock | Password: whosthere. Therefore this could only be used to password protect a webpage and only grant access to it for the people you want. It could be useful, for example, if you were creating a website for someone else and you only wanted to grant them access to it. It also does not remember sessions, so if the login was to a whole website, every time you opened a new page you would have to re-enter the password. Of course, it is possible to fix this and make it so much better. This is something that I may do in the future. The login system is not hooked/connected to an SQL Database either (A database that stores information, in this case usernames and passwords), so all of the usernames and passwords are contained withing the PHP code, which is not extremely secure. I may at a future date try to expand this into a whole Login and Register system that would be transportable to many different websites, but that would take time and a lot more learning for me. So until then, this is what I have come up with...

If you have any suggestions, requests or questions, please contact me via the contact page.